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OUR collective  was founded in 2007 to celebrate one and a thousand passions, for music, for underground expression, for the power of community. At the time, Marco G. & Mr.Kite were seventeen years old, living in a city that is not only the centre of Italy but also the beating heart of a certain type of culture, the core of civilisations and artistic movements.

The key to interpreting Touch The Wood's universe is its relationship with time, which is not perceived as linear but as a dimension of dialogue between past and future; the key to this door is innovation, which opens up a universe of creative solutions.
16 years of influence before the boom of Instagram, parties, brands and community events, a path that led to the construction of the agency of the same name and a radio station that lives as an archive of music research and relationships in the music biz.
Starting in 2023, the TTW team brings together their skills to start a creative agency: TTW's art direction services aim to emancipate itself from the mere creation of visual elements to develop creative solutions that capture the essence of brands and projects at 360°.

Touch The Wood is many things, first and foremost it is a collective identity that has become an incubator for events, ideas and projects.
Touch The Wood is the connecting link between community, brand, digital and offline.
Touch The Wood is a brand that, once again, decides to expand the boundaries of its creative core with the Touch The Wood Clothing collection.
Touch The Wood (TTW)

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Marco g.
Touch The Wood Collective
Mr. kite
Touch The Wood Collective
Marco g.
Mr. kite
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